Dual Yellow Laser (FEM)

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This is an innovative laser technology from Australia with huge approval from not only Asian but also European and American dermatologists. This is a safe treatment for all types of skin. The lasers used to come in 2 wavelengths:

Yellow beam 578 nm.

This laser makes the red marks fade away, fixes much blood vessel deforms, heals acne, kills the P – acne germs ( the cause of acne ), reduces the size of the fat glands, and eliminates acne and red marks.

Besides, this helps speed up collagen production making the pores smaller and the wrinkles smoother with no harm to the skin. A client can be worry-free from having a wound or a red mark after the treatments. A client will surely experience a brighter and whiter face.

Green beam 511 nm.

This laser is used to fix the imperfect pignuts in the outer skin layer. As a result, a dark mark, blemish, and freckles will fade away and the face becomes bright and white from the 1st treatment.


This treatment uses both of the 2 lasers to double the actions and the results for blemish treatment. The green laser focuses on fixing the imperfect pigments whereas the yellow one focuses on eliminating the endothelial cells.

At present, the causes of the blemish and the reap earaches of the blemish come from the so-called Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor ( VEGF ) from a blood vessel, which will speed up the production of the pigments. But with new technology,  Dual Yellow Laser FEM

TM ( Fast Edge Micropulse )

can shrink the small blood vessels resulting in the suppression of the VEGF flow without damaging the surrounding tissues or causing any dark marks. So, the blemish will disappear.

How is it like during the Dual Yellow Laser?

Dual Yellow Laser is not a concentrated one, so it is safe. Besides, it does not cause any pain to a client, then, she will not need any anesthetic. However, the skin may feel warm and look a little red, which will last only 1 – 2 hours.

How to take care of the skin after the Dual Yellow Laser

A client can still do all her daily routines as usual.