3D PDO Thread Lift

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3D PDO Thread Lift

3D PDO thread lift is a popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure to create a younger appearance on your face and neck. Highly safe PDO thread (Polydioxanone), used in medical suturing for a decade, helps reduce sagging or folds of skin. PDO thread has been developed overtime to provide best quality and effectiveness, leaving long-lasting firmness to your skin. As it gives you no pain during and after this face-lifting procedure, there is no need for recovery period.

What are the differences between this 3D PDO thread and other brands of PDO threads?

1.     3D PDO thread is the only type of thread patented for having barbs from molding, while other brands may contain barbs from cutting techniques. This allows 3D PDO thread to be 4 times more effective and stronger in maintaining younger-looking skin for you.

2.     3D PDO thread is barbed 360 degree helically, providing strength in practically pulling your tissue from various directions.

3.     3D PDO thread is certified by FDAs in USA, Europe, Korea and Thailand to be specifically applied in non-surgical cosmetic procedure.


-     Doctor evaluates spots for your face lift and for adjusting your facial shape, as well as lifting direction and number of threads that should be used.

-        Anesthetic is applied on indicated spots while there might be an injection included in some spots.

-        Doctor inserts thread into your facial skin on evaluated direction. Once needle is removed, thread would be attached to your epidermis and hypodermis, allowing your skin to be firmer, tighter and lift up. Results could be seen right after the procedures. Sagging cheeks and other folding spots on your face would be disappeared. Results will be clearer seen after the first and second month.

Skin care after thread lifting

-        Avoid water on needle holes for two days

-        You may wear make ups as usual

-        Daily routines are allowed

3D Thread Lift can fix the following issues:

-        Sagging cheeks, nasolobial folds (smile lines), and low cheekbones

-        Drooping outer corners of mouth

-        Undesired face shape

-        Double chin and neck wrinkles

-        Instead, it helps creating V-shape face and crown lifting