Face lift with thread

Services Information

This treatment is a new beauty alterative for those who desire to get their faces and necks lifted without any operations, which is now globally popular.

The silk used is dissolvable ( Polydioxanone : PDD ). It has been used in a medical community for decades. Its main purpose is to sew the tissues or the blood vessels. This treatment is very safe with approvals from other countries’ food and drug administration and the Thai FDA. The silk PDD will be got rid out of the body completely.

The steps of the treatment, the surgeon will firstly evaluate the face characteristic to find out whether or not it should be treated, where it should be done, how many threads it should be used depending on now flabby the skin looks. When starting the treatment, the surgeon will apply some anesthetic on the area for the silk weaving. The next step, the silk will be injected into the silk with the help a syringe –  TR–Lift. This method is to sew the fat tissues to the skin tissues. So, after the treatment, a client can feel the obviously tight skin. And, after the body produces some collagen to wrap around the silk, the skin in that area will become very tight and the pores smaller and the out skin smoother.

After the treatment, some red marks may appear around the area but will stay for 1-2 weeks.  

Silk weaving TR – Lift can help solve these problems :
  •     A flabby look of the eyebrows and the eyelids and the wrinkles around the eyes.
  •     A flabby look of the cheek, the cheeks with deep wrinkles and a lower look of the cheekbones.
  •     A lower look of the corners of the lips and an imperfect look of the face.
  •     A double layer chin and a wrinkle at the neck.
  •     Wide pores and marks on the skin.
  •     An adjustment for a V-shape looking face
  •     A flabby look at the lower arms, the belly and the waist.
  •     A stretching look on the skin