PDO Therad Facelift

Services Information

PDO Thread facelift is a technique that applies thick, barbed thread to lift and tighten skin. Combining barbed thread with TR lift technique, the threads are introduced into skin tissues which effectively tighten sagging cheeks and under chin, raise eyebrows, and leave you with rejuvenated, smoother skin.


Q : How long does the procedure take?

A : PDO absorbable thread can be applied to any part of your skin, taking only 30 minutes and can be safely redone later 

Q : Which type of patients would love this?

A : Patients who do not want any surgery or those with anesthetic risk factors

Q : When will the results be clearly visible?

A : After putting in the thread, it is absorbed within 6-12 months. After that, your skin produces collagen to replace the absorbed thread.

Q : Will it affect my routine?

A : You can proceed your routine normally. However, inserting absorbable thread could cause swelling and redness for a few days.