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When you start to feel there is a change on your nice tight face. It slowly turns into flabby. The solution is to get some advice from an expert surgeon to bring back the good old time thermage treatment.

Thermage  is a High – Technology treatment  for wrinkles and the face lift giving you back a nice pretty young face without causing any harm, and can be used with all types of the skin or even a dark one.

For a person with wrinkles or a flabby looking skin, treatment will give you a satisfactory result.

How to take care of the skin after the treatment ?

A client can start doing her normal routines right away without wasting time to hide away from the sun neither will a pre or post treatment care be required. Therefore, the thermage treatment can be given to a client as often as she likes.

Where can the thermage treatment be applied to ?

The face and the neck
  • To lift up the skin on the face, under the chin and at the neck.
  • To shape up the face for perfection.
  • To lift up and smoothen the skin on the face resulting in a nice pretty young face.
  • To reduce wrinkles around the mouth and the forehead.
The eyes
  • To heal a flabby look of the eye lids.
  • To diminish the marks and wrinkles and the eyes.
  • To smoothen and tighten the skin and the eyes.
The back of the hands
  • To smoothen and tighten the skin on the back of the hands.
The body
  • To smoothen and tighten the skin.
  • To eliminate the cellulite and the orange peel like skin.
  • To revive the skin of the face and to eliminate the wrinkles with Cool