Medlite C6 Laser

Services Information

This is the latest laser technology from USA. This is highly effective in attacking the imperfect pigments breaking and eliminating them out of the body. The skin, then, becomes whiter. The laser also helps speed up the collagen production clearing off the marks and making the pores smaller and the skin smoother.

Medlite C6 Laser what is it its use?
  • For blemish, freckles, black birthmarks, black pimple marks and imperfect pigments.

Most black marks like spots, black pimple marks will fade away. In case of serious marks like blemish, deep spots or birthmarks, more than 2 treatments are required.

  • A dull looking face, the wide pores and wrinkles

This treatment uses a laser beam to speed up the collagen production. The so called Medlite C6 Laser can be used with all kinds of people with different skin colors. After the treatments, a client needs no extra rest, instead, can do all the normal activities and it causes no wounds or harms.

For the result, a client can feel her face is brightly whiter, but the pores smaller, the marks lighter and the skin smoother. It is advisable to do every 2 – 4 weeks for 5 – 6 times. After the satisfactory level is reached, the client should receive the treatments every 1 – 2 months for the perfectly white skin.

  • A dark look at some areas on the body such as the elbows and the knees.