Coolglide (Body hair removal)

Services Information

From now, you can feel worry–free with the unpleasant look of the body hair ( on the face , the armpits , the legs or the others ) with Cool glide Laser.

What is the body hair elimination with Laser

Cooglide Laser is a Long Pulse Ndyag Laser  from USA with an approval from the European, America and Thai FDA as a guarantee for its safety. This laser is highly effective for body hair elimination.  This laser works by beaming its energy into the hair roots as well as the body hair itself resulting in the elimination of the body hair by heat. However, the heat will not harm the skin around the hair. This treatment is well suitable with all types of the skin ( dark or white ). It is advisable for once every 1 – 3 months for 5 – 8 times depending on the area and the amount of the hair.

The result after the laser treatments

After every treatment, less hair is seen and it becomes thinner. Besides the body hair elimination, the laser will break down the imperfect pigment stirring up the collagen production resulting in that area of the skin smoother, whiter and more hairless. The skin under the armpits will become smoother, nicer, whiter and more hairless.

What to prepare yourself before the Laser treatments ?

It is not advisable to elimination the hair on the area by pulling but should be by shaving 1 – 2 days prior to the treatments.

Steps of the processes

For the more sensitive areas like the inner thighs, it is advisable to apply some anesthetic 40 - 60 min prior to the treatment. The other parts need not one. The length of treatments for one laser treatment is about 10 – 30 min depending on the areas. Some uncomfortable feeling may occur, but the laser will provide some cold to help relieve it.

Side – effects after the laser treatments

Some red marks at the areas many occur, but will not stay longer than 1 – 2 days.