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Varicose Vein Laser Treatment

What is the varicose vein?

Veins run through our bodies, delivering blood to our hearts. Once an abnormality occurs to affect the veins, they could lose functionality to deliver the blood to your heart. This causes blood congestion which leads to the varicose vein. This could happen anywhere from your face, torso, and limbs.

Causes of varicose vein                   

  • Aging – As we aged, the vein valves may be weakened and stops the vein from functioning properly
  • Heredity – You have a higher risk of having varicose vein if your parents or family members have had it before
  • Sex hormones – Varicose vein is generally found among women more than men
  • Body weight – The above-standard body weight causes more blood pressure on the legs, which risks the varicose vein
  • Long length of time standing or sitting, and frequently wearing high heels could weaken blood circulation in artery, thus the varicose vein

Effects of varicose vein

In some cases, varicose vein does not cause any symptom beside bumpy-looking skin as the veins can appear very clearly almost spider web-like. It could appear in many colors from green, purple, and red. However, symptoms such as muscle pain, and cramps could be found. In some serious cases, it causes skin thickening, skin darkening, skin hardening, and swollen legs.


How could the laser help with varicose vein?

Laser treatment is a highly popular way used to cure varicose and dilated veins as it does not require surgery nor cause open wounds. The energy is emitted deep own to the spot of the vein, eliminating its wall without injuring nearby skin or tissue.

Advantages of varicose vein laser treatment

  • With its high precision it cures varicose vein without injuring nearby skin or tissue.
  • It saves time while giving effective results
  • Able to treat all areas of varicose vein, including facial area and beside the nose
  • No surgery, no wound required

What kinds of laser could cure varicose vein?

At Sarinya Clinic, Chiangmai, we offer 2 types of lasers for varicose vein treatment:

Dual yellow Laser from Australia. This one is perfect for facial or capillary varicose vein treatment. It could also treat red spots caused by acne, melasma, freckles, black and red birthmarks, polyps, scars, and stretch marks

CoolGlide Laser is an innovation perfect for varicose treatment on arms, legs, and torso. A few other outstanding characteristics of this laser are that it stimulates collagen production, strengthening your skin, while reducing shallow wrinkles. It is also popular for permanent hair removal purpose.

Upon selecting the type of laser in treatment, our physicians would evaluate the level of varicose vein severity to plan out the treatment course for individuals. Mild level of varicose vein could be treated in one session, while the more serious ones may take up to 2-3 sessions. The number of sessions required depend on the color, size, and number of the vein. The results may vary, depending on each individual’s physical characteristics.