Laser tattoo removal

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A tattoo color is deep under the skin but can be erased with Medlite C6 Laser. This laser provides a certain wavelength suitable for the tattoo color. The laser will break the ink color and the ink will be got rid out of the body without harming the skin; therefore, it reduces the chance of leaving a scar on the skin.

What kind of tattoo can be erased?

Medlite C6 Laser can be used to erase a machine–made tattoo, a handmade tattoo, or a scar from an accident.

How many times of the treatments are required?

On average, for a machine–made tattoo, it is advisable for 6 – 8 treatments. For a handmade tattoo, it is advisable for 4 – 6 treatments for 4 – 8 weeks. The number of treatments desponds on the type and the depth of the ink under the skin.

Which colors can be erased?

Black, dark blue, and red color can be best erased whereas orange and purple color can be quite well erased, green and yellow color are the most difficult ones to erase.

Can all the tattoos be completely erased? 

Mostly, the tattoos can be quite well erased, which can be said about 95-100 % according to the types of the ink.