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CoolGlide Laser

CoolGlide Laser – the American innovation for beauty with more than one feature. It is popular for hair removal, but could be applied for skin brightening, wrinkle reducing, cure varicose vein, and other diseases related to vein abnormalities. Its safety is guaranteed by US, European, and Thai FDAs.


CoolGlide Laser is here for you if you…

Want permanent hair removal

Have enlarged pores  

Have acne scars 

Have wrinkles and uneven skin texture

Have dull skin

Have varicose vein

What could CoolGlide Laser treat?


1. Laser hair removal

CoolGlide Laser is considered one of the most popular hair removal treatments among Thais as it meets their needs and is suitable for all skin and hair types. The energy is emitted to the hair root, to stop it from functioning, and eventually lose the unwanted hair without damaging the skin in the nearby area.

Newly grown hair gets thinner after each laser treatment before eventually removed permanently

Eliminates the underarm rough-feeling bumps, “chicken skin” aka keratosis pilaris

Safe to apply in all areas: face, arms, underarms, chest, private bikini area, and belly button

Its cooling innovation allows it to be hurtless, but could cause only a little uncomfortable feeling

The treatment should be received every 1-3 months for 5-8 times (the results may vary, depending on each individual’s physical characteristics)



2. Laser facial skincare

One of the characteristics of CoolGlide Laser is that its energy-emitting innovation helps rejuvenate deep down to your dermis layer, urging on collagen creation, and effectively reduce skin troubles.

Reduces shallow facial wrinkles

Reduces redness, and acne scars

Tightens pores, giving smoother-looking skin

Brightens your skin by regenerating new skin cells

Treats facial redness condition, enlarge veins, and rosacea


3. Varicose vein laser treatment

One of the most outstanding features of CoolGlide Laser is that it is able to cure varicose veins. The laser could emit energy down to break the tinner wall of the abnormal vein, causing it to collapse, which results in an effective varicose vein treatment.


Safe on all body parts such as arms, legs, and torso

No effect on the nearby skin area as the laser has high precision

An alternative way of varicose vein treatment: no surgery, no recuperate period


4. Vein abnormalities treatment

Beside varicose vein treatment, CoolGlide Laser is capable of treatment other vein abnormalities:

Red birthmark, both facial and non-facial


Cherry hemangioma


One or more treatments could cure such abnormalities, depending on the size and other factors. However, each session of treatment provides a better result.


Choose CoolGlide Laser at Sarinya Clinic, Chiangmai

Get your skin pampered, unwanted hair permanently removed, and varicose vein cured with CoolGlide Laser with us, “Sarinya Clinic Chiangmai”. Free consultation. All treatments are provided for you by physicians experienced with over 20 years in beauty industry to assure safety and leave you impressive treatment results.