BI-HIFU (High Intensity focused Ultrasound)

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Collagen declines with age, causing sagging skin and wrinkles to appear. HIfu is a medical technology that releases a specific ultrasonic wave into a layer of skin called the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS), stimulating it to produce more collagen to eventually and naturally tighten and smooth your skin.

On which areas of the body can Hifu be performed?

BI-HIFU can be performed on the face, under the chin, neck, and, with specific equipment, around the eyes to ensure safety.

How would I feel during the procedure?

Releasing ultrasound waves into a layer of your skin can make you feel the heat deep down your skin. However, this could be different between individuals. Applying skin anesthesia would help but it is not needed for some patients.


- slight redness could be found post-procedure. However, it will be gone within one hour.

- You could start feeling firmer skin right after the procedure and the full result takes up to 2 months.

- Tightened skin, minimized pores, lifted cheeks, less double chin, bigger-looking eyes, smoother skin, and younger-looking skin, all without any surgery.