Meso science treatment

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Meso Science Treatment

With Spain-imported product, this treatment works deep down at cell level, providing instant lift these 6 steps;

- Remove dead skin cells with enzyme peeling and fruit extract that gently remove dead skin, reduces dark spots, and prepares your skin for the next steps of treatment.

- Open up the microscopic deep channels in your skin with a mild electric current. This step stimulates the outer layer of skin to remove the dead cells, as well as improve blood circulation, allowing your skin to be prepared for nourishment.

-Push vitamins through layers of skin

-Temporarily allow cell membranes to absorb vital nutrients

- Lock vitamins in skin cells with a cooling system which also helps with skin firmness. This step is cooling and relaxing

- Face massage after vitamin skin nourishment helps stimulate blood circulation and facial skin firmness.

Meso Science Treatment procedure takes about one hour, and there are 3 types of it, which are;

Meso Brightening

Focusing on lightening your skin, decreasing dark spots, freckle, melasma, and acne. It promotes collagen production and maintains skin firmness.

Meso Filler

This treatment resurfaces wrinkles and helps with skin dehydration,   allowing you to feel hydrated, rejuvenated, and smooth skin.

Meso Lift 

Specifically provided for sagging skin as it helps with skin firmness and resurfacing.

Single treatment  3,800฿