Juvederm Volite

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Juvederm VoliteFacial fillers for better facial skin

Juvederm Volite is one of the worldwide popular Juvederm fillers from the USA. Volite is different from other fillers with its most outstanding characteristic: Hyaluronic Acid (HA), the smallest and softest molecules, perfect for skin quality elevation.

How Juvederm Volite is different from other fillers

  • Tiny, light molecules, designed specially for skin condition elevation
  • Safely improves your skin from the deepest layer of your dermis
  • Inject it once, it stays for 9-12 months. Perfect for those who have less time
  • No clumpy/wavy skin after injection, giving a natural look as the result

Juvederm Volite is perfect for you if….

…You frequently wear makeups but it barely stays on your skin

…You don’t get enough sleep, or time to pamper yourself

…You have dried, dehydrated skin

…You have little wrinkles instead of smooth skin

…You have large pores

…You have saggy, loose skin instead of tight and firm one.

Result after just one injection of Juvederm Volite

  • Healthy, hydrated skin – allowing your makeups to last longer
  • Less eczema and dried skin trouble found
  • Fuller, tighter, better hydrated skin as it gives your skin an ability to store hydration better
  • Smoother skin, less wrinkles, tighter pores
  • Younger-look more flexible skin as it helps generating collagen under your skin

*Results may start to show a week after injection, and fully shown in 3-4 weeks

Where can Juvederm Volite be injected to improve skin condition?

  • Facial skin to fix dull, dry skin
  • Neck skin to fix saggy, lined neck skin
  • Upper chest skin to decrease droopiness
  • Back of the hands, increasing elasticity

How to get yourself ready before and after the treatment

Before receiving the treatment, you would only need to consult with our physicians here at Sarinya Clinic, Chiangmai. Initially, avoid alcohol drinks 24 hours prior to the treatment. You may need to avoid some medicines as well, depending on your doctor’s assessment.

Self-care after receiving Juvederm Volite

  • Avoid makeups 24 hours after receiving Juvederm Volite
  • Avoid drinking alcohol 24 hours after receiving Juvederm Volite
  • Avoid exercising 48 hours after receiving Juvederm Volite
  • Avoid extreme heat and cold in the first 2 weeks after receiving Juvederm Volite, such as direct sunlight and sauna, to fully allow Juvederm Volite to work on your skin