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What is hair laser removal?

Hair laser removal removes your unwanted hair by applying the heat from emitted laser right to the root of hair, where it absorbs and turns the laser light energy into the heat, destroying tissues with melatonin cells, causing damage to the hair, hair root, and hair-producing tissues. Once hair stem cells are destroyed, the interval of hair growth gets longer, the grown hair size becomes smaller, lighter in color, and less dense over time.

Laser hair removal

By emitting it directly to hair follicles, the laser locally reacts to the pigment, eliminating and damaging the hair root which causes the hair to stop growing. This method effectively and permanently removes hair and cause no long-term effect on the skin. Laser hair removal could be applied in all body parts such as facial hair, mustache, beard, arms, hairline, armpits, and private part.

What is Diolaze Laser?

Diolaze laser is currently a popular hair removal method. Developed to be even more effective with various wave length from 800-1064 nanometer, allowing the beam to penetrate to deeper layer of skin, absorbing hair root melatonin while eliminating blood vessels that nourish those hairs. In milliseconds, the beam becomes the heat, abruptly destroys hair roots without damaging the surrounded skin and effectively slows down the new hair growth circle. Diolaze laser is equipped with cooling system called 3PC: pre-cooling, parallel cooling and post cooling to help protect your skin from any painful procedure. Therefore, no anesthetic is required. Apart from dermal safety and hair removal, Diolaze is greatly beneficial in skin collagen stimulation, resulting in smoother and more firm skin, while the pores appear to be more tightened.


  • Avoid sunbathing and all kinds of skin-darkening products at least 3-4 weeks prior to the procedure
  • Apply sunscreen with SPF at least 30
  • Avoid any skin products with irritant at least a few days prior to the procedure.
  • If you’re taking any anticoagulants, please consult your doctor for a consideration to stop taking it for at least 7-14 days prior to the procedure.
  • Please shave the area as short as you can 1 day prior to the procedure.  


    • No activities are forbidden after receiving the treatment
    • Apply sunscreen with SPF at least 30
    • Keep your skin moisturized moisturizer
    • Make-ups are allowed even after a facial hair removal procedure 

               Procedure frequency

      • There should be 5-10 times of treatment sessions every 4-8 weeks
      • Amount of time in receiving treatment depends on the hair color, and chin area requires more sessions.
      • The best interval to receive treatment is when there is re-grown hair in the treated area.
      • Amount of treatment sessions could be added in some areas with re-grown hair.