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This treatment is to apply a so called filler substance under the skin to smoothen the wrinkled skin or scared marks. Besides, this can beautify the skin at the lips, the cheeks, the chin and the nose bridge to make these parts look naturally perfect. These fillers are so pure. They don’t cause any irritations.

As we aged, the worrier we are about facial wrinkles – forehead, tips of the eyelids, cheek grooves, mouth corners, and lips. We try to seek for ways to reduce these wrinkles causing beauty problems. There are many ways of wrinkle reduction. Appropriate treatment will solve the problem should we understand its true causes.


Natural changes of skin

Facial skin exfoliation slows down with age. Collagen and hyaluronic acid under the skin is also reduced. Hyaluronic acid maintains and reserves moisture for skin, making it looks younger. Therefore, aging causes losing of skin moisture, making skin dried, inflexible, and leads to undesired wrinkles.



Losing collagen and hyaluronic acid causes wrinkles around the eyes, droopy mouth corners, wrinkled lips, and particularly skin in jaws area.


Deep wrinkle

It is caused by losing the skin mass which becomes deep wrinkles all over the face, These wrinkles get deeper between nose and mouth, or droopy mouth corners.


Revived by filler

Or dermal filler injection. The filler injected to skin is hyaluronic acid which is natural extract under skin layer. Filler boosts missing hyaluronic acid under skin. Skin with deep wrinkles smoothly recovers and finally shows its firmness and youthfulness.


Filler is suitable for filling deep wrinkles and loose skin on face e.g.

-  Cheek groove

-  Upper and lower lips

-  Cheek

-  Under eye

-  Corner of the mouth

-  Or to fulfil the missing parts e.g. chin, temples, forehead

How is filler effective?

The purposes of filler filling are to fulfil and adjust positions of shape of the face such as adjusting cheekbones to create facial dimension.

- Nasolabial fold, tear trough, reduce wrinkles on cheeks-lips and wrinkles on the back of hands

- Fuller mouth injection

- Filling forehead and chin to create face dimensions


How long does filler effective?

Filler is a kind of hyaluronic acid which is decomposable according to the process of body function. The result of filler treatment remains effective for approximately 10-24 months.


Is filler safe?

Filler is medical instrument certified by Food and Drug Administration of the United States of America (FDA). The purposes of filler are to fulfill and fix facial flaws by expanding the injection areas to be more plumped. It is necessary that specialist having knowledge of correct injection techniques operate filler injection. Specialist can analyze the exact doses of medicines and precise positions of injection because there is a risk of being exposed to blood vessels or other unwanted areas when filler is injected each time, which could cause death. The venue of injection must be in hospital having standardization to legally operate.


Filler injection for beauty

Facial adjustment to be more naturally beautiful, younger, and charming has to assess shape of the face of individuals on the to-be adjusted positions, and to choose the appropriate filler that matches to those positions. For example, groove eyes need to use small and soft molecules; cheek lifting requires the ones containing lifting qualification and fulfilment; filler on chin needs to be firm; lips injection and the back of hands must be soft, matches well with skin, absorb a lot of water. These techniques depend on expertise of specialist including the brands of filler standardized and certified by Food and Drug Administration of the United States of America (FDA) and Thailand. That is how one can safely be beautiful.

(The results depends on individuals)